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Gerbing G3 Microwire Heated Gloves
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Gerbing Microwire Heated Glove Liner
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Gerbing T5 Microwire Heated Gloves

Plugged in or battery-powered, these gloves will keep you warm in all situations!

Our new line of 12v Hybrid Products utilize Gerbing's Hybrid Heating System™. This system allows you the option of powering from your vehicle's 12v electrical system, or from Gerbing's 12-volt lithium-ion battery pack with its built-in microprocessor temp controller which is purchased separately.

» Made with premium, supple, drum-dyed leather.
» Soft tricot fleece lining with 100g of Thinsulate® lining.
» Incorporates Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the hand with warmth.
» Internal Aquatex waterproof/breathable membrane.
» Includes battery harness and Y-harness.
Two 12 V batteries and a charger are optional.
Gloves come with Glove/Insole Harness & Battery Harness.

All jackets, liners, vests, pants and gloves come with a battery harness. What these items do not come with is a means to control or set the operating temperature of the item. If you operate any Gerbing product without a temperature controller, they will be running at 100% of their temperature capability. From my personal experience, you will not be able to keep the device plugged in for more than a couple minutes before you have to reach down and unplug the power cord. This unplugging and plugging back in when you get cold is dangerous while driving and makes for a very uncomfortable ride. Gerbing does offer an on and off switch that can be plugged inline to turn the device on and off as needed. While this is far better then manually unplugging the jacket it still requires the user to monitor the temperature and go from hot to cold. We strongly recommend purchasing a single or dual temperature controller when purchasing any heated clothing item. This will allow the user to set the temperature once and forget about which makes for a much more enjoyable ride. These items can be found on the left side of this page!

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Gerbing Hybrid Microwire Heated Gloves - Part No. 903