200GW unit is designed for all Goldwing models. It is also a universal model which requires a (1) wire splice-in.

200GW unit is a heavy-duty unit which will flash up to (6) brake light bulbs when the brakes are applied.

200GW unit mounts under the seat.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) suggests that you pump your brakes at each stop. tailBlazer does it automatically, and by flashing the bulb filament at maximum brightness.

What do they see ?

As soon as you tap your brakes, drivers behind you will see a rapid flash of the brake lights. This sudden flashing invokes immediate attention.

What will they think ?

tailBlazer uses a flash pattern which decays exponentially - a well-recognized deceleration warning. The attention to the initial flashing now changes to a clear recognition that you're beginning to slow down!

Simply flashing brake lights or flashing them on & off will get the attention of drivers behind you, but it doesn't invoke anything else. Every split second of delay in their reaction reduces your safety margin.

There is no sacrifice to the life of your bulb because tailBlazer utilizes a soft-switching technology. Soft-switching is a technique which throttles the current flow through the bulb filament, so that there's no ''thermal shock'' - as opposed to a sudden in-rush of current, which can damage the bulb filament or shorten it's life considerably. This is far superior than maintaining a small voltage!

The internal circuitry is controlled by a microprocessor, which allows precise flash patterns, overload detection and reverse polarity protection.

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