For riders who have already purchased the stock GIVI light kit, we offer a mini LED light kit (''TM'') which provides an LED circuit board as a replacement for your existing circuit board with incandescent bulbs.  With our mini kits, you can still make use of your existing GIVI hands-free connector mounted in your top rack and benefit from high intensity brake lights and tail lights (turn signal function not available with the ''TM'' kits).

Why upgrade to the mini LED light kit?

High intensity brake light
Tail light functionality
Significantly reduced drain on your bikes electrical system (your existing light kit draws over 1 amp with the brake light on - our kits draw as little as 0.2 amps!).  This 80% reduction in current draw will also help to prolong the life of your GIVI connector as the pins stay cool during LED operation (burn out from excessive heat, dirt, and spring failure are the leading causes of premature failure of the GIVI connector).

Installing our mini kits is easy and can be completed in 30-60minutes. 

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AdMore - Givi V46TM Top Case LED Retro-fit Kit - Part No. 1374